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Saberes VIII: Saber del viento

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Summon Wind (1 Dot)

This evocation allows the demon to call up a wind seemingly from nowhere. The Scourge can controll the wind's general direction and use it to gain increased distance on a leap or hamper the effectiveness of ranged weapons.

System: Roll Stamina + Survival. The total number of successes rolled determines the strength of the wind summoned. Depending on how the wind is used, this strength can be added as a number of automatic successes to an Athletics roll (to leap a long distance, for example), it can increase the difficulty of a ranged attack staged against your character, or it can be used as a dice pool to exert force against an object (such as pushing open a door, knocking a person over). The wind persist for only a single turn. Increased winds can be applied across any distance that your character can see.

Torment: When monstrous demons summon up a wind, it is tainted with the reek of a charnel house, stinking of death and decay. Anyone caught in this blast must make a successful Stamina roll (difficulty 7) or suffer one level of bashing damage that may not be soaked. If such a roll botches, the victim forfeits all actions that turn due to extreme nausea.

Fist of Air (2 Dots)

This evocation allows a demon to manipulate the air pressure, allowing her to crush objects, stun living beings or cause them to burst apart from within.

System: Roll Stamina + Survival. Each success inflicts one health level of bashing damage to living beings. If directed at non-living objects, successes rolled are considered Strength points on the Feats of Strength chart to determine how much effect the blast of air has on a target. Your character must be able to see her target to use this evocation on it, and the effects persist for one turn.

Torment: Monstrous demons are capable of drawing on their hate to intensify the force of this evocation to the degree that it inflicts lethal damage on living targets.

Command the Wind (3 Dots)

When a Scourge uses this evocation, he is surrounded by swirling winds that become extensions of his will. He can use these gusts of air to manipulate objects.

System: Roll Dexterity + Survival. The total number of successes achieved forms a dice pool that you can roll for your character to perform any action that involves moment or control of objects or targets. The difficulty of actions that require fine motor control (typing, putting a key in a lock) is 9. The Scourge can affect objects up to a distance in yards equal to her Faith score. The effect of this evocation lasts for a duration of the scene.

Torment: The winds stirred by a monstrous demon become a foul miasma that chokes the lungs of anyone touched by them, Every living being within the range of the demon's evocation suffers one level of bashing damage per turn that cannot be soaked using armor. Filtration or breathing apparatus such as gas masks provides the only source of protection form this poisonous air.

Wall of Air (4 Dots)

While Scourges can stir air into an angry gale with but a word, they can also condense it into an impenetrable barrier, stopping solid objects as though they'd struck a stone wall. When this evocation is performed, the air visibly distorts, like old, wavy glass. The stronger the barrier is, the more opaque it becomes.

System: Spend one Faith point and roll Stamina + Survival. The total number of successes achieved is a dice pool that can be used to soak all ranged attacks (as if it were armor) or to make resisted rolls against all close-combat attacks. The wall covers 10 square feet times the character's Faith score, and your Scourge can make the wall any size or shape desired within that limit. A resisted Strength + Athletics roll (difficulty 7) must be made versus the wall's dice pool to push through it. The wall can be placed anywhere within the Scourge's line of sight up to a distance in yards equal to her Faith score. The wall remains in place for the duration of the scene unless removed sooner at your character's will. The wall fades immediately if your character is Incapacitated.

Torment: Monstrous demons create walls of air that resemble weaves of writhing gray mist and sear the flesh like acid. Individuals who attempt to force their way through the barrier suffer a number of lethal damage dice equal to the demon's Torment.

Cyclone (5 Dots)

This potent evocation allows the Scourge to infuse the air with the power of his Faith, stirring up a raging whirlwind in the time of a heartbeat. This furious storm affects everything it touches, but the demon can focus it against a specific target if desired.

System: Spend one Faith point and roll Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7). The total number of successes achieved determines the Strength of the wind that your character summons that turn. The storm affects everything out to a distance in yards equal to your character's current Faith pool: Light objects are tossed about, doors are blown open, windows are broken. Compare the Strength of the storm to the Feats of Strength chart to determine how much force the wind can exert. If your character wishes, he can focus the effect of the cyclone against a specific target with a successful Willpower roll (difficulty equal to the cyclone's Strength). A storm can be targeted within the range of your character's line of sight.

Once per turn, roll a number of dice equal to the Strength of the storm. Each success inflicts one level of bashing damage to living beings caught within, or on whom the storm is targeted. Your character can make the storm center upon himself, or he can center it elsewhere when targeting it, without personal harm in either case.

On each turn after the first, the storm loses one point of Strength and its radius shrinks by one yard, unless your character wishes to sustain it (make another Stamina + Survival roll and spend another Faith point).

Torment: The hungry heart of a monstrous demon's storm sucks the very air from the lungs of the living to add to its strength. Every living being (save your character) within the radius of the cyclone suffers one level of lethal damage each turn as they struggle for air. If the storm's Strength exceeds the demon's Willpower it spirals out of control, affecting everything it touches including the demon herself.

Ellil, The Visage of the Winds

The monarchs of the air reveal themselves as tall and lithe, with large eyes and swift, graceful movements. When in revelatory form, the Ellil are constantly surrounded by shifting winds that ebb and flow with the intensity of their emotions. Any smoke or steam in the are is often sucked by these winds into a swirling vortex that circles their heads and shoulders like an ominous halo.

The Visage of the Winds confers the following abilities.

  • Supernatural Vision: The character can see five times as far as a normal human, allowing the Ellil to see objects at 50 yards as clearly as if they were 10 yards away as long as there is even a weak source of light (such as moonlight) present. This effect also lowers the difficulty of all visual-based Perception rolls by two.
  • Wings: A pair of owl's wings extends from the character's shoulders. At full extension, each wing is a third gain as long as the character is tall. The character can glide up to three times her running speed per turn.
  • Perfect Balance: The difficulty for all Athletics rolls involving leaping and tumbling decrease by two.
  • Immune to Falling Damage: The character does not suffer damage of any kind incurred as the result of a fall, regardless of the height.

Torment: Ellil who succumb to their demonic nature grow lean and hatchet-featured, their faces dominated by their large, unblinking eyes. Their once-magnificent wings grow ragged and mangy, and their tall figures become stooped; they prefer to crouch rather than stand. They are always restless, unable to sit in any one place for more than a few minutes at a time.

The Visage of the Winds confers the following high-Torment abilities.

  • Claws: The demon's fingers and toes are tipped with thick, curved talons that inflict Strength +2 aggravated damage.
  • Extra Actions: Faith points can be spent to gain extra actions in a turn at the rate of one point per action. These actions occur in order of descending initiative, so if a demon with an initiative of 7 gains an extra action, she takes her normal at 7 and her extra action at 6. The player must decide to purchase extra actions at the beginning of a turn before any other actions have been taken.
  • Quills: The demon's shoulders and upper arms are covered with a ruff of sharp quills that pose a hazard to foes in close combat. An attacker who successfully hits a demon in close combat suffers one health level of lethal damage unless a successful Dexterity roll (difficulty 7) is made.
  • Caustic Bile: The demon is capable of vomiting a stream of corrosive bile at her foes, able to strike targets up to a number of feet away equal to her Faith score. A successful Dexterity + Athletics roll is needed to hit a target. The bile inflicts Strength -1 aggravated damage.

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