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Saberes IV: saber de la llama

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Fuel (1 Dot)

The Devil's command of flames allows her to fuel existing fires with the power of her Faith, turning a simple source of heat into a raging inferno with a thought.

System: Roll Stamina + Survival. If there is a source of fire or heat within a number of yards equal to her Faith score, the Devil can increase its size by one square foot per success.

Torment: Monstrous Devils fuel the strength of an existing blaze rather than its dimensions. Each success increases the fire's lethal damage rating by one.

Ignite (2 Dots)

A Devil's mastery of fire as a fundamental force of Creation allows him to inspire its existence at will.

System: Roll Stamina + Survival. This evocation allows the Devil to cause flammable objects to burst into flame. The character may attempt to ignite any object within a number of yards equal to her Faith score, and you must obtain a number of successes in excess of the target's resistance to combustion. Gasoline, gunpowder or other explosive material might have a resistance of 1. Dry, flammable objects like wood or paper might have a resistance of 5. Water and strictly nonflammable materials cannot be ignited with this power. Fires ignited in this fashion are no more intense than natural flames, and they inflict damage accordingly.

Torment: Monstrous Devils are too fueled by hatred to perform this evocation with precision. All flammable objects within a radius in yards equal to the character's Faith score are affected. A single evocation roll is made with some materials igniting and others remaining unaffected, based on successes rolled.

Command the Flame (3 Dots)

The Devil's mastery of flame allows her to direct a fire by force of her will --- the blaze swells, shrinks, moves and consumes all that she commands.

System: Roll Wits + Survival and total the number of successes achieved. The successes form a poll that you use in subsequent turns to control the progress of the fire. Rolls to control the fire are made against a difficulty of 8, although that may increase depending on circumstances such as active sprinklers and fire-retardant materials, at the Storyteller's discretion. Successes generated by the roll allow your character to cause the fire to grow by one square foot per success, shrink by the same amount or spread in a specific direction up to a yard per success. The player may add to this pool with subsequent Wits + Survival rolls on successive turns, if desired, but the pool can never exceed the character's permanent Faith rating. If at any time you fail to roll any successes, the fire burns out of control for that turn. If a roll botches, control is lost completely.

Torment: High-Torment Devils have less facility in controlling fire's movements, but their rage increase the flames' intensity. A monstrous demon's control pool is halved (rounded up) for all actions, with the remaining dice added as damage levels to the harm that the fire is capable of inflicting.

Holocaust (4 Dots)

This evocation is the ultimate expression of the power of fire. It consumes in order to make way for new life by transforming divine energy into cleansing flames.

System: Spend on Faith point and roll Stamina + Survival, although your dice pool for the roll cannot exceed the target's Faith pool. Your demon must physically touch her intended target to perform this evocation. Each success inflicts one level of aggravated damage (or lethal if the victim does not deal in aggravated damage) to the target and consumes one point of the target's temporary Faith. This form of attack can be used on inanimate objects as well. Most physical matter has no more than one point of Faith suffusing its physical being, though especially sacred objects may have considerably more. Physical objects burned this way are reduced to ashes when all their inherent Faith is consumed (objects therefore burn much quicker than normal).

Torment: Monstrous demons delight in feeding the cosmos to the flames. Roll your full dice pool, although damage levels inflicted in excess of the target's available Faith are taken from your character's Faith pool. Additionally, if the evocation causes more damage than the target is capable of sustaining, the remaining aggravated levels of damage are suffered by your Devil as she loses her focus in the ecstasy of destruction.

Ride the Flames (5 Dots)

By performing this potent evocation, a Devil does not merely command the fire, she is the fire, transforming her physical body into flame and directing it by the power of her will.

System: Spend one Faith point and roll Stamina + Survival. A Devil has two options when employing this power: She can either join her essence with an existing blaze or become a pillar of fire by converting her available Faith. In either case, your demon's body literally transforms into flame, consuming her clothes and any possessions she carried. While becoming a pillar of fire means the flame occupies the same dimensions as the character's physical body, your demon can increase this area by one square foot for each additional Faith point you spend.

Once transformed, your Devil is a formless mass that shifts size and shape according to her will. While in this state, you use the character's Willpower pool rather than her normal Attributes and Abilities to perform any actions, splitting this pool for multiple actions as normal. She may effectively travel anywhere air can go --- under doors, through crevices. If she lashes out at an opponent in combat, roll dice equal to her Torment score to determine damage. The fire of your character's body is unaffected by water or other fire-suppression technology, as it is fueled by faith instead of a mere chemical reaction. The drawback to this condition is that the fire must be fed continually or it dies out. Each turn, your character must devote some of her Willpower pool to consuming flammable material. One success is sufficient. Failing that, her flame shrinks by one square foot at the end of the turn. The fire does not spread like a normal fire; it remains a self-contained entity, leaving only charred remains of the matter it consumes. If the fire shrinks to less than one square foot or you botch a Willpower roll at any point, your character transforms back into her physical form.

Torment: Monstrous demons are unable to fully realize the transformation into flame. These fallen become fiery, skeletal figures, instead, their blackened bones wreathed with flame, and howling their rage and pain with tongues of fire. High-Torment demons use their normal Attributes and Abilities to move, attack and otherwise act in a given turn, but they cannot move with the speed or ease of true, mutable flame. Furthermore, their bodies are wracked with agony. If they do not inflict at least one level of damage or combust one square foot of material per turn (with a successful Willpower roll), they suffer one level of lethal damage as the fire feeds upon their physical bodies.

Nusku, The Visage of the Flames

These demons reveal themselves in a blaze of yellow-orange light. Their skin glows with the seething brilliance of the sun, and their image shimmers like a mirage. Their eyes take on the color of burnished gold, and when angered, the Nusku radiate palpable waves of heat.

An angel's hair becomes a deep red or reddish -gold and thickens into a leonine mane. Open flames flare brightly in his presence, seeming to bow toward their master as the tongues of flame are drawn to the divinity in their midst.

The Visage of the Flames confers the following abilities.

  • Shroud of Flames: The angel is surrounded in a nimbus of supernatural flame that distracts and confuses her foes. The difficulty of all ranged or melee attacks directed at the character increases by one.
  • Immunity to Fire: The character suffers no damage from heat or fire.
  • Extra Actions: Faith points can be spent to gain extra actions in a turn at the rate of one point per action. These actions occur in order of descending initiative, so if a Devil with an initiative of 7 gains an extra action, she takes her normal action at 7 and her extra action at 6. The player must decide to purchase extra actions at the beginning of a turn before any other actions have been taken.
  • Improved Initiative: Add two to the character's initiative score.

Torment: As the fallen becomes consumed by her demonic nature, her skin turns black like smoke and seems to seethe with patterns of sullen red that pulse with the demon's beating heart. Her eyes glow like coals, and her thick hair writhes in a spectral wind.

The Visage of the Flames confers the following high-Torment abilities.

  • Claws/Teeth: The character manifests claws and fangs that inflict Strength +2 aggravated damage.
  • Lashing Tail: The character manifests a long, reptilian tail tipped with a curved, bony spike that inflicts Strength -1 aggravated damage.
  • Increased Size: The character's body grows to a third again its normal height, adding the following bonus Traits: +2 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +1 Stamina.
  • Fiery Blood: The character's blood burns like magma. Flammable objects hit with more than a few drops burst into flame, and opponents in close combat suffer one level of lethal damage each time they successfully inflict damage on the character.

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